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Case Studies | Heicko e-ast GmbH

Heicko e-ast GmbH: Streamlining CRM and ERP Systems with DBot Solutions

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Heicko e-ast GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of fabricated metal and hardware products in Germany, partnered with us to optimize their operations, with a specific focus on streamlining and automating sales processes related to CRM and ERP systems.

Challenges Faced

  • New Customer Setup: The manual setup of new customer profiles was time-consuming and prone to errors.

  • Misaligned Customer Data: Inconsistent customer data across systems resulted in inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

  • Customer Engagement: Challenges in integrating data from various sources hindered accurate marketing and sales interactions.

  • Sales Pipeline Performance: Lead qualification and nurturing processes needed improvement for increased conversions.

  • Reporting: Cumbersome sales and marketing reporting processes required streamlining.

  • Sales Team Productivity: Administrative tasks were consuming valuable sales team time.

Implementation of Intelligent Automation to address the challenges with innovative soultions such as RPA and API's


Within two weeks, small and medium-sized processes were automated. Complex processes underwent remarkable transformation within seven weeks. Efficiency gains through intelligent automation, especially involving CRM and ERP systems like SAP, were extraordinary.

Heicko are committed to excellence, and DBot has been there to help them achieve just that. Our innovative solutions transformed their operations and made the sales processes more efficient than ever. Our commitment is to enable businesses to thrive through cutting-edge solutions.

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