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Case Studies | DD Bricks

DD Bricks: Revolutionizing E-Comm with a Customized ERP System

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DD Bricks, the global leader in e-commerce for pre-owned Lego components, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its operations and solidify its position in the dynamic Lego marketplace.


They partnered with DBot to create a tailored ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, a game-changing move in the world of Lego commerce.

Challenges Faced

  • Vast Inventory Management: Managing a colossal inventory of over 80,000 unique Lego parts, with monthly warehouse operations exceeding 100,000 distinct components and totaling a staggering 1.4 million Lego pieces, required an advanced solution.

  • Integration with Leading Lego Marketplaces: Seamlessly integrating with premier Lego marketplaces, BrickLink and BrickOwl, was crucial to stay competitive and efficient in a niche market.

DBot crafted a bespoke ERP system, meticulously designed to meet DD Bricks' unique needs.

Solutions Provided

  • Customized ERP System: DBot crafted a bespoke ERP system, meticulously designed to meet DD Bricks' unique needs.

  • Streamlined Inventory Management: The ERP system was engineered to manage the vast inventory efficiently, ensuring that operations remained well-organized and optimized.

  • Integration with Lego Marketplaces: Seamless integration with BrickLink and BrickOwl, the premier Lego marketplaces, was a top priority to enhance product visibility and sales.


  • Operational Efficiency: The tailored ERP system significantly improved operational efficiency, reducing time and resources spent on inventory management.

  • Sales Growth: Integration with leading Lego marketplaces increased product visibility, resulting in substantial sales growth.

  • Enhanced Competitiveness: DD Bricks solidified its position as a leader in the niche market of pre-owned Lego components, with a reputation for efficient operations and a vast product catalog.

DBot's customized ERP system has transformed the business. Managing the vast Lego inventory with breeze, and seamless integration with top marketplaces has boosted DD Bricks' sales. DD Bricks is the go-to destination for pre-owned Lego components.

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