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DBot AnalytiQ- Your AI-Powered Data Analyst

AI Solutions for Tomorrow's Data Challenges

Welcome AnalytiQ – your personal AI-driven data analyst!

We know how quickly things change in your business, and we realize how big of an impact having the best possible information when it comes time to make a decision can have.


With AnalytiQ, you can effortlessly access real-time data from all your units which will be secure to your environment. You no longer need to deal with static dashboards and disconnected data systems that don’t talk to each other. Just ask anything you want, and in a second, it’s like chatting with your favorite virtual assistant. AnalytiQ will generate you charts, create diagrams and analysis’, predict the future within seconds and summarize your past.


Make intelligent decisions based on data and bring your company to the future! Eliminate intuition and replace it with facts!

Give AnalytiQ a try and contact us today to experience the power of AI in your business.


From Complex Reports to Conversational Insights: A Case Study

About DD Bricks: The market leader in providing used & new LEGO parts, custom sets, and corporate gifts to an international customer base. 

The challenge: With a warehouse, managing over 95,000 lots with small parts, reporting becomes a crucial part to manage the operations well. Also, the data is scattered over 12 different data bases such as MySQL.


Reporting was siloed, over many different sources and tools

Employees without technical expertise face difficulties to access and understand reports

Several different licenses for BI and report tools needed, and time consuming implementation

Report generation is time consuming and complex


Only one tool to access all company data and reports

Easy to use, via chat, in English, German and Thai language. This democratization of data meant faster decision making, increased efficiency, and a more empowered workforce

Significant decrease in costs associated with multiple BI tools and training

Reduction in time spent on generating reports and data analysis by over 50%

"AnalytiQ transformed the way we interact with our data. It's like having a conversation with our warehouse, getting exactly what we need, when we need it, without any complexity." 

— Jakob Ostner, Operations Manager, DD Bricks


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