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Transforming Ideas into Impactful Digital Realities.

IT Solutions with Global Excellence

Your trusted German-owned IT partner in Bangkok. We offer cost-efficient solutions, saving you over 50% with fixed pricing compared to European price benchmarks.


Achieving 90% client return rate, we redefine innovation. Elevate your business with German management, customized software solutions, and tailored strategies with proven success

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Our Services

DBot MD in an Internal Meeting

Let’s build your dedicated teams. Extend your team with highly skilled software developers at all seniority levels, internationally experienced.


Whether you need single resources or dedicated teams, we offer Back End, Front End, and Full Stack Developers, as well as Testing and Quality Assurance Engineers.

Our Work

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Meet Our Team!

  • Can DBot handle large-scale projects?
    Yes, our team is equipped to manage both large-scale and intricate projects, ensuring timely and efficient delivery.
  • OMG! one of my team members has disappeared. How fast can you get someone qualified on board?
    Thanks to our vast network, we typically find and onboard key resources in under 4 weeks.
  • How do I know if you will be able to deliver a return?
    Our automation solutions have an impressive ROI of 6 months or less.
  • How much can I expect to save when partnering with DBot compared to other IT companies in Europe?
    On average, our clients save 67% when comparing our manday rates to those of typical German software agencies.
  • What happens if there are any unforeseen problems?
    We prioritize addressing concerns; hence we offer regular meetings with our Managing Director and ensure project approval with management to circumvent potential issues.
  • Will the project stay within the budget?
    Historically, we have had instances where the client spent only about 60% of their initial budget projections when working with us.
  • How can I be assured that you will deliver my project on time?
    We're proud to say that since 2019, we've never missed a software release deadline.
  • How many different projects did you manage?
    We've successfully managed and executed more than 30 projects.
  • Are there automation successes DBot can boast of?
    The automation process for proposals in SAP saved our customer 80 % of the time. (4 min for one proposal instead of 20 min)
  • How many clients have you partnered with?
    We've partnered with over 15 esteemed clients.
  • What industries has DBot specialized in?
    We have expertise across various sectors, including logistics, automation, furniture, and metal fabrication, to name a few.
  • How does DBot ensure the quality of its software solutions?
    We have a rigorous QA process and dedicated teams that focus on delivering top-tier solutions tailored to client needs.
  • Do you have any success stories I can review?
    Absolutely! Our case studies section highlights our collaborations and the positive impacts we've made for our partners.
  • What's DBot's approach to client communication and collaboration?
    We prioritize clear communication and regular updates, fostering a collaborative environment with all our partners.
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